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WowWee Unveils Interactive Got2Glow Fairy Finder Toy

WowWee-GTG Fairy

WowWee — known for its consumer entertainment products like Fingerlings and My Squishy Little Dumplings — announced its newest line, a fairy-themed tech toy, for International Fairy Day on June 24.

The Got2Glow Fairy Finder jar allows children to find and collect virtual fairies, encouraging adventure, discovery, and nurturing play. Available in three colors — pink, blue, and glow-in-the-dark fuschia — each jar can capture over 30 unique fairies (with over 100 fairies to find in total).

When children open the heart-shaped lid on their fairy finder, it will activate a light show and a virtual fairy will find a new home inside; closing the lid will hold the fairy inside in the jar. As they explore their surroundings, kids can uncover new fairies.

With the buttons on the Fairy Finder screen, kids can interact with their new friends by hugging them, feeding them, and saying hello through the heart-shaped door. The Finder offers opportunities for social play thanks to the sharing feature, which makes it possible to trade fairies by placing two jars lid-to-lid.

More information about how the Fairy Finder works can be found here.

Additionally, WowWee will release secret codes on social media for holidays and other events, which collectors can use to reveal special fairies.

“With the Got2Glow Fairy Finder, we wanted to create the most unique toy and play experience that allows kids to feel the magic of finding, and interacting with fairies,” said Sydney Wiseman, VP of Brand Development & Creative Strategy at WowWee. “We tapped into our WowWee tech roots to bring these virtual fairies to life. Initial reactions to the toy have been incredible, and we love seeing kids’ imaginations run wild as they search all over for fairies as well as feeling their parents’ excitement around a toy that keeps them engaged for hours. We’re so excited for this launch and can’t wait for children everywhere to experience the magic.”

Got2Glow Fairy Finders are currently available for pre-order and will hit shelves at Walmart, Target, Amazon, and more retailers in July.