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Akedo Trailer Drops Ahead of Series & Toy Launch

Moose Toys-Akedo

Moose Toys has kicked off the full-scale marketing campaign for its upcoming Akedo toy launch by releasing a trailer for the Akedo animated series.

Produced in partnership with WildBrain Spark, the kids and family AVOD network owned by WildBrain, the Akedo content will see a mini-movie premiere on July 2, followed by the series rollout on Amazon Prime Video Direct. WildBrain will also debut the show on its network in Canada this fall and handle global distribution of the series.

Meanwhile, WildBrain CPLG was appointed to oversee the licensing program for the property following the toy launch this August.

“Having successfully managed Moose’s YouTube strategy for a number of years at WildBrain Spark, we know just how incredibly engaged kids are with their content online,” said WildBrain Spark Commercial Director Rachel Taylor. “As more and more kids’ brands move to digital-first launch strategies, it’s a natural step to extend our Moose partnership across WildBrain’s integrated offering of production, distribution and licensing for the amazing new Akedo franchise. Moose has an excellent track record of delivering toys kids love, and we’re confident Akedo is going to be a big hit both on and off screen.”

Akedo is derived from the Japanese word for arcade, offering players a retro gaming look and arcade fighting moves. Players battle using the included controller to defeat their opponents; however, warriors can be quickly reassembled for another round.

There are 39 warriors, each with an individual battle style, weapons, and accessories. The figures include ninjas with swords, a teddy bear with a chainsaw, and a big baby with a gavel; plus, robots, gladiators, Vikings, a dinosaur, and clowns. The characters may be Classic, Epic, Ultra Rare, Legendary, or Exclusive Ultra Rare; there’s also the Limited Edition Mythical Stormstrike, a glow-in-the dark Viking.

Matches can take place inside the ’90s, retro-style Ultimate Battle Arena, a playset inspired by old-school arcade games with its own theme song and more than 35 sound effects. The arena comes with two exclusive Ultra Rare warriors — Turbo Chux and Screen Shot — both with double battle accessories. Included are two interchangeable backdrops, two deluxe controllers, and detachable training punching bag.

“Akedo is positioned to deliver a knock-out hit. It’s the most dynamic battling toy ever, and with deep collectability and engaging entertainment, we are delivering a fully-rounded experience that meets kids where they are,” said Moose Toys Chief Marketing Officer Ronnie Frankowski. “It’s a bold move that is consistent with Moose WOW innovation. Akedo is the next global boys’ action franchise mega hit.”

Akedo marks Moose Toy’s largest investment in content yet. As part of that investment, the company has partnered with Nickelodeon to air a branded “as-live” event, “The Akedo Super Ultimate Ultimate Tournament,” on Nickelodeon’s YouTube channel.

“Our success in the boys’ aisle with the Treasure X and Heroes of Goo Jit Zu lines established Moose as a toy super innovator in the category,” Frankowski said. “We are pulling out all of the stops with the Akedo launch. Combining our expertise in collectibles, WildBrain’s cutting edge approach to content and licensing and Nickelodeon’s ability to create on-trend interactive events for its highly engaged and loyal audience.”

Tapping into Nickelodeon’s network of talent and influencers, the bracket-style tournament on August 8 will showcase 16 competitors battling to win the title of Ultimate Akedo Champion for their warriors. Competitors include influencers Ninja Kidz, Onyx Kids, Kyle’s Toys & Games, and Ohana Boys — all of whom will create content about how they’re training for the big event. Hosted by YouTuber Nathan from Unspeakable, the competition goes live on Nickelodeon’s YouTube channel on August 15, before moving to Moose’s MooseTube Mania channel on August 21.

“Through this collaboration with Moose Toys, Nickelodeon continues to push the envelope by creating innovative content and experiences that appeal to fans of all ages,” said April L. McKenzie, Vice President, Kids & Family Activation, Velocity, ViacomCBS. “The Akedo Super Ultimate Ultimate Tournament not only spotlights the exciting launch of this new action-based toy, but also offers kids and families an opportunity to be at the center of the action.”