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Spirograph Animator from PlayMonster Hits Shelves

Spirograph Animator

PlayMonster is putting a new spin on the Spirograph. Spirograph Animator is the latest addition to its Spirograph brand, which is under license from Hasbro.

It features gears just like the original art toy, but with the addition of spinning and lights that create a 3D effect. It comes with built-in storage, six gears, and five markers.

The new launch extends PlayMonster’s line-up in the arts and crafts category. The company recently bolstered its arts, crafts, and activities portfolio with the acquisition of Ann Williams Group last month. Spirograph Animator is now available at Amazon and will be coming to additional retailers.

“A whole generation of children grew up creating with Spirograph and fondly remember the joy they felt making their own intricate designs,” said PlayMonster associatie vice president of marketing Lisa Wuennemann. “PlayMonster is proud to introduce the brand to a whole new cohort of children, in a way that’s engaging and new, with the Spirograph Animator. This product innovation is yet another way that PlayMonster is bringing a fresh approach to universal, classic play.”