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Breaking Games Debuts New Titles At Retail This Month

Breaking Games-Cards Against Humanity

Breaking Games is launching several titles, including a new Cards Against Humanity addition, at Walmart, Target, and Amazon this month.

Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition Glow in the Dark is an expansion of Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition that contains 300 cards and comes inside of a game box that glows in the dark and features a bonus surprise inside.

Other new titles include Café Chaos by The Odd1sOut, a YouTuber with a following of 17 million subscribers. In the food fight-inspired game, players compete to throw the best food combos.

Meanwhile, Breaking Games is also introducing a new IP, Pando, a party game in which players compete to see who knows the most random facts about the other players; it contains over 900 questions about players’ lives.

“Breaking Games has always been known for working with top indie game designers to bring unusual, quirky, highly re-playable tabletop games to the public, but we also bring those flavors to our mass market games as well — especially with Cards Against Humanity and Café Chaos,” said Breaking Games CEO and founder Shari Spiro. “Along with the new Pando game, we are releasing titles this month in top national retailers that are challenging, interesting and highly interactive. We offer the ability to actually connect with someone in a fun and memorable way — an element many have sorely missed during the pandemic and in today’s tech-heavy environment.”