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Moose Announces Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron Launch

Moose Toys Magic Mixies Creative Toy of the Year 2022

Moose Toys announced the launch and pre-sale of its new Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron, which become available online and in-stores October 1.

Included with each toy are a cauldron, spell book, and potion-mixing ingredients. After adding water, children are prompted by the cauldron to add ingredients that will foam and bubble to help create their magic interactive Mixie pet — including sparkle for its eyes and a feather to give it wings.

After releasing mist, the cauldron will reveal the (completely dry) Mixie figure that makes sounds, lights up, and interacts with the included wand. Kids can continue to use the cauldron by making their own potions and recreating the mist with additional modes of play.

“Magic Mixies is the hottest toy of the year. There is nothing like it. We have created something truly magical that lets kids see, touch and create real magic,” said Paul Solomon, co-owner of Moose Toys. “The excitement surrounding Magic Mixies has been phenomenal, it delivers the signature Moose Toys innovation and is sure to enchant kids around the world.”

Moose also announced that it is joining forces with actor Neil Patrick Harris — the company’s official “magic ambassador” — who will help unveil Magic Mixies at CAMP in Columbus Circle at the end of this month,

“Magic has been a passion for me since I was a child. Magic sparks imagination and allows for endless creativity, and it’s been important to me that my kids experience magic in their lives,” said Harris. “Childhood is such a magical time, and the short window where kids believe that real magic exists is fleeting. I love that the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron encourages kids to believe just a little longer. It puts the power in kids’ hands and delivers an incredibly cool experience where kids are actually creating the magic.”