The NPD Group, U.S. Census Bureau in Deal

The NPD Group and the U.S. Census Bureau announced an agreement with the goal of making reporting data to the government agency more convenient, timely, and cost-effective for retailers.

NPD will become the first third-party data provider to deliver regular data feeds to the Census Bureau’s monthly retail programs. NPD and the Census Bureau look to help retailers decrease the burden of responding to Census Bureau data requests.

“We are thrilled to enter into this contract with the Census Bureau, and work hand-in-hand with the nation’s foremost agency measuring economic trends to improve its economic indicators,” says Daniel De Pinho, senior vice-president of Financial Services, Public Sector, and Government, The NPD Group. “The Census Bureau relies on retailer reporting for the critical task of gauging the state of our nation’s economy – a reflection of consumer sentiment and behavior. Through this arrangement, retailers can rely on NPD to seamlessly work with the Census Bureau directly for these important undertakings, so they may focus their time and resources more thoroughly on their customers and business needs.”