Safari Ltd Named U.S. Distribution Partner for BiOBUDDi


International eco-friendly toy brand BiOBUDDi has partnered with Safari Ltd for exclusive distribution in the U.S. The collaboration is the latest in new offerings for the brand, which recently introduced its first partnership brand product line.


The eco-friendly line of toy blocks are green bio-based toys derived from plants. The packaging, stickers and instructions are also eco-friendly.


“We’ve always seen the environment as part of Safari’s story,” said Alexandre Pariente, CEO of Safari Ltd. “Our company is about appreciating and learning about animals and the natural world they inhabit with the ultimate goal of preserving it for generations to come. We’re thrilled to team up with BiOBUDDi, who is advocating for the same cause, and bringing their brand to the U.S.A. as our partner.”


“Safari Ltd is a global brand and household name whose ethics strongly align with ours and echo in the toy industry. They’re a family-run company whose vision fits perfectly with the passion behind BiOBUDDi. BiOBUDDi developed at lightning speed as the first true environmentally friendly toy brand, and we’re excited to introduce them to American households with Safari Ltd,” said Steven van Bommel, the company’s CEO.