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Trade Show After Trade Show After Trade Show

When I was coming up in the toy industry there was only one trade show worth mentioning: New York Toy Fair—and it was an extravaganza. Anyone who was anyone was walking the halls of the historic Toy Building. Good or bad—those days are long gone. Today there are myriad trade shows to choose from. Each one supposedly serves its own purpose: some are for the mass market, some for the specialty market, some for international markets; yet I see many of the same buyers at all of them. The one common link between these shows is the proverbial water cooler discussion, “Are trade shows even necessary anymore?”

Catching Up With...
Catching Up With Diana Brobmann

GreenLight is a global consultancy that provides corporate, advertising, and media clients access to iconic music, film, celebrities, and entertainment content. The company specializes in resolving the legal and logistical hassles its clients wrestle with. Its rights representation group manages the personality rights of iconic estates, including Albert Einstein, Bruce Lee, Steve McQueen, and Johnny Cash. GreenLight’s senior executive, Diana Brobmann, discusses translating iconic estates through licensing and offers the latest Steve McQueen and Albert Einstein licensing news.