Get the Scoop on Activating Influencers at The Toy Association’s Annual Business Conference


By Laurie Chartorynsky, Communications Specialist/Content Developer, The Toy Association


The growing trend of online influencers has irrevocably changed how kids and families learn about new and buzz-worthy products and the business of marketing. Toy professionals are invited to join a panel of experts who will examine the rise of influencer marketing during the seminar, Under the Influence: Exploring the Impact of Influencers in Today’s Marketing Strategies, at The Toy Association’s Annual Business Conference, taking place June 18 to June 19 in Minneapolis, MN.


The session, taking place on June 19 at 8:30–9:30 a.m., will feature experts discussing the role of online influencers within a company’s overall marketing mix, how businesses can use these social media-driven celebrities to amplify their PR strategies, and best practices for activating influencers to meet brands’ needs.


Presenters include: Brian Bonnett, president and CEO, Bonkers Toys; Donna MacNeil, president of ChizComm; Ashley Mady, head of brand development at Basic Fun!; and Harvey Schwartz, senior vice-president of influence talent at Viacom.


The panel will be moderated by Kathleen Campisano, global chief marketing officer of ChizComm and general manager of Beacon Media Group. The Toy Association’s Annual Business Conference will bring toy and youth entertainment industry executives together for two days of must-know content on critical issues facing toy companies today. Conference attendees will participate in a host of roundtables, workshops, and interactive discussions on topics including tariffs and other critical regulations impacting the toy business; intellectual property rights and protecting brands from counterfeit products; the changing face of retail; strategies for bringing products to market; business valuation; and finance and credit.


Seminars will be presented by a host of seasoned toy, retail, and credit executives including sessions by executives of Target, who will cover the future of retail, importing, branding, licensing, product innovation, sustainable sourcing, digital marketing, and more. Additional seminars held throughout the conference will be presented by The NPD Group, seasoned toy industry executives, credit and finance experts, and others.


To register for the Annual Business Conference and for information about hotel bookings, the conference agenda, and more, visit ToyAssociation.org/ABC.