Industry Outlook

Toy Association, Commerce Department Talk Counterfeit Toys Impact


As part of its ongoing advocacy and education efforts surrounding the impact of counterfeits on the toy community, The Toy Association sent comments to the Department of Commerce in response to the Presidential Memorandum, “Combatting Trafficking in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods.”


The collected data will be used by the Department of Commerce to prepare a report for the president on how businesses are affected by counterfeit or pirated goods imported through online third-party marketplaces; factors contributing to the trafficking of such goods; technologies that could substantially reduce the sale and importation of counterfeits and enable more effective law enforcement; and more.


“The Toy Association continues to be very engaged on this issue and welcomes any opportunity to share the industry’s point of view and commitment to providing safe, legitimate toys to families,” said Rebecca Mond, vice-president of federal government affairs at The Toy Association. “Responsible toy brands selling through local toy stores are playing by one set of rules and foreign sellers that exploit marketplaces are playing by another set of rules or are not playing by the rules at all. Importantly, many infringing products do not meet the same rigorous safety standards as legitimate toys and pose a significant health and safety risk to America’s most vulnerable consumers–kids.”


The Toy Association will continue to advocate on this issue by educating lawmakers and engaging with online platforms in order to take meaningful steps in a positive direction. Recently, The Toy Association’s Mond was invited by Congress to testify on the toy industry’s concerns regarding the prevalence of counterfeit toys sold on e-commerce platforms. She also engaged with White House officials in a roundtable discussion on IP protection and continues to collaborate with government officials on this topic.


More information on the toy industry’s position and concerns related to counterfeit and pirated goods can be found in The Toy Association white paper, “The Real Threat of Fake Toys.”