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‘Friends’ Inspires New LEGO Ideas Set


The LEGO Group teased the upcoming release of a new building set based on the Friends TV series on social media this week.


The new LEGO Ideas Central Perk set is brought to life through LEGO Ideas, through which users submit ideas for LEGO products to potentially become real-life sets available commercially.


The idea for this soon-to-be-released set was first submitted by LEGO Ideas fan designer Aymeric Fievet in 2016. Since then, the idea garnered more than 11,000 supporters as of July 2018. Could Friends fans be anymore excited?



The LEGO building set will bring to life the show’s characters and their main meet-up locale, Central Perk. According to  Fievet’s idea submission, the set could be composed of 1719 brick. It will include the show’s main characters reinterpreted as LEGO minifigures: Rachel, Ross, Monica, Joey, Chandler, and Phoebe. It will also likely include iconic furnishing from the coffee shop to further bring the setting to life, such as a sofa (shown in the teaser above), arm chairs, coffee machine and mugs, and more.


The NBC sitcom celebrates its 25th anniversary this fall. For its anniversary, Warner Bros. has also teamed up with Superfly for a supporting experiential pop-up in New York City as well as Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for a coffee and tea collection.