aNb Media News, January 20, 2011

Nintendo to Launch Handheld 3-D Gaming Console in March

According to an article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, Nintendo will launch its new handheld gaming console in the U.S. on March 27. The new Nintendo 3DS, which is expected to retail for $250, will allow gamers to view 3-D content without the need for special 3-D glasses.

Like the existing DS console, the 3DS features two screens. The lower touch screen is to help players control the game, while the upper screen renders the game in 3-D images, the scale of which can be controlled by the user or turned off completely. This console will also add the Circle Pad, which is a control that provides 360 degrees of movement direction.

The 3DS console and a substantial list of games expected to be introduced for it were initially shown last June at the E3 Expo. More than 30 titles are expected to be available in the first three months after the console’s launch.

Ubisoft to Develop Video Game for The Smurfs

In anticipation of the August release of Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures Animation’s 3-D family comedy The Smurfs, Ubisoft announced that it will develop and publish a video game based on the live-action/CG-animation hybrid film. Designed for the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS family of handheld systems, The Smurfs video game is scheduled to launch with the release of the feature film.

Stone America Appointed Agent for LittleMissMatched

Stone America Licensing announced it has been appointed as the exclusive licensing agent for LittleMissMatched, a fashion and lifestyle brand that specializes in whimsical, coordinating-yet-mismatching items and encourages its consumers to express creativity and individuality through mixing and matching. Stone America will offer manufacturers and retailers the opportunity to license school supplies, apparel accessories, health and beauty aides, room décor, and a full array of gifts and novelties utilizing LittleMissMatched’s color, design, and patterns.

Since its 2004 launch selling non-matching socks in odd numbers to encourage girls of all ages to express themselves with style, LittleMissMatched has expanded beyond socks to accessories, apparel, room décor, books, baby products, and more.

Yoostar 2 Brings Movie Karaoke to Sundance

Yoostar Entertainment Group announced that Yoostar 2 for the Kinect for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system will be available for sneak preview to all Sundance Festival attendees at the House of Hype. This marks the first time the movie karaoke game is being made available publicly, giving movie buffs an opportunity to act alongside their favorite stars in more than 80 blockbuster Hollywood scenes from movies such as 300, Forrest Gump, Kick-Ass, The Godfather, The Hangover, Meet the Parents, Star Trek, The Terminator, and more. Yoostar 2 is scheduled to hit store shelves in March.