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ZAG’s ‘Power Players’ Powers Up with CN, Playmates Toys

Cartoon Network has secured the broadcast rights to ZAG America’s upcoming animated series, Power Players – expected to debut from 2019.

Developed by Jeremy Zag, written by Man of Action (Ben 10, Big Hero 6) and co-produced by OnEntertainment, the new series will also inspire a new multi-category toy program from Playmates Toys. The line is expected to include action figures and roleplay toys inspired by the series.

The series marks the first partnership for ZAG America with Cartoon Network and Playmates Toys.

Cartoon Network has secured the broadcast rights of Power Players in the EMEA, APAC, and U.S. regions.

Featuring CGI-hybrid animation, the action-comedy animation series follows the adventures of Axel, a boy who transforms into a living action figure, and his unlikely team of toy heroes as they embark on the biggest “small” adventures a kid could ever imagine.