Faber-Castell Introduces Inclusive New Colored Pencil Palette


For young artistes everywhere, creating the perfectly pigmented self portrait is about to get a lot easier. Recognizing the limited options in skin tone colored pencils for kids, Faber-Castell USA, introduced its new Faber-Castell’s World Colors collection.


Developed with the expertise of make-up artists, the six skin color pencil set can be blended together so that any skin tone can be created.


“It is truly a proud moment for us to debut World Colors to children across the globe,” says Christa Trivisonno, brand manager for Faber-Castell USA’s Premium Children’s Art Products. “These pencils offer a valuable, creative tool that supports the important phase of self-discovery within adolescence. Every child artist should be able to develop his or her creative skills by drawing realistic portraits or self-portraits with a precise reproduction of skin color.”


World Colors is available in two kits: 15 count and 27 count, each containing six skin tone colors.