Alex Brands announces new partnership with Rube Goldberg Machine Contest

Rube Goldberg Machine Contest Logo

Alex Brands announced its new partnership with Rube Goldberg, as Slinky® becomes an official sponsor for the 2019-2020 Rube Goldberg™ Machine Contest this fall. The partnership comes from a hope to inspire kids of all ages to get involved with STEM, stir their creativity and problem solving, and have fun.

Starting in October, thousands of elementary, middle and high school students across the country will use Slinky in designing their Rube Goldberg Machines (RGM). Teams compete in three different divisions – Apprentice (ages 8-11), Division I (ages 11-14), and Division II (ages 14-18) – and each must design and build a unique RGM that completes the same “simple” task — and incorporates a Slinky as a transfer of energy step somewhere in the machine. The task for RGMC 2020 is “TURN OFF A LIGHT”. Slinky, a RGMC National Task Sponsor, will be part of the judging algorithm for this year’s competition and an award will be given at Finals to the team that has creatively achieved the “Best Use of Slinky” in its machine. The winning team in each division will be announced in April 2020.