Blue Man Group Speechless Tour to Feature Official Rubik’s Cubes

Blue Man Group Speechless Tour - Rubik's

Rubik’s Brand Ltd. and Blue Man Group (www.blueman.com) are proud to announce a partnership that will introduce the Official Rubik’s Cube into a scene in the upcoming Blue Man Group Speechless tour, premiering at the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles.

“We are so excited to partner with Rubik’s Brand to bring to life a scene for our new Speechless tour,” said Benoit Mathieu, Senior Executive Producer, Blue Man Group. “This iconic puzzle, and its mysterious nature, fit perfectly into themes of connection, humanity and playfulness that are evident throughout our new Blue Man Group show, and we will be looking for other ways to partner in the coming year as Rubik’s Cube celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2020.”

The scene featuring the Official Rubik’s Cube, entitled “The Match”, was recently workshopped in the Blue Man Group Boston resident show, and features the cooperation of two audience guests, picked at random by the Blue Men. While together on stage, the Blue Men explore various forms of interaction between their two guests including a friendly Rubik’s Cube duel. In the end, the two strangers leave connected in ways that they could never have imagined.