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Cepia Introduces Nuzzy Luvs Electronic Plush Line

cepia nuzzy luvs

Cepia, LLC. is introducing a new line, Nuzzy Luvs, a soft-bodied electronic plush pet that snuggles and reacts like a real pet to a child’s touch and sounds, including the tone of their voice. Cepia, LLC. will be showcasing Nuzzy Luvs alongside other new brands such as Cats vs. Pickles, Koo Koo Pets, Rainbow Pets, SweetShine Dolls and Bananas Collectibles at the 117th Annual Toy Fair New York from February 22 to 25th 2020 in booth #2565A.

Nuzzy Luvs react to loud and quiet noises with different combinations of sounds, head and eye movements. Soft sounds like a whisper will trigger Nuzzy Luvs to respond with happy sounds such as purrs and coos, but like a real pet, louder noises such as a shout will surprise and frighten them. When pet, they respond with contented noises. Nuzzy Luvs are almost entirely soft with a small electronic box in their head and shoulders as opposed to in their bodies, which allows them to be folded up.

“Nurturing play is a terrific teaching tool to show young children how to care for and love a pet of their own,” said James Russell Hornsby, Chief Executive Officer of Cepia, LLC. “With Nuzzy Luvs, we created an electronic pet that is soft-bodied, which makes it very cuddly in your hand and reacts to sounds in a way that delivers a range of realistic emotions – like a real pet would.”Nuzzy Luvs will be available starting in summer 2020 and will retail at $14.99.