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Headstart Launches Bubble Trouble Doll Line

headstart bubble trouble

Headstart International is set to broaden its doll category with the launch of Bubble Trouble — soft, scented dolls with gumball themed hair and outfits.

Each 10-inch Bubble Trouble doll comes in bubble gum machine package along with their Bubble Buddies. the first season release will feature at least 10 characters with poseable arms and legs.

Along with exclusive YouTube content, Headstart is putting forward an extensive marketing initiative supported by influencer partnerships, digital marketing promotions, and TV media, for the Bubble Trouble launch. Headstart will launch four new Bubble Trouble characters every three months, starting in Fall 2020 as well as regular limited-edition characters while supplies last.

“Bubble Trouble is unlike any other dolls on the market,” said Andrew Hendy, CEO of Headstart International. “With their distinctive look and out-of-this world scent and squishable features, we’re giving 5+ kids the first on-trend innovative doll in its category. The doll aisle is usually set aside for baby dolls and a plethora of 18-inch doll brands that all look identical. Get ready large doll aisle, you are about to be innovated!”

Bubble Trouble will be available globally in April 2020, retailing for $19.99 USD. Headstart will be showcasing the product range at New York Toy Fair in the License 2 Play booth #2553. Headstart’s other collectible brands include HairDooz, Best Furry Friends, and Baby Secrets.