PoP Young Inventor Challenge Returns for 2021

People of Play PoP Young Inventor

People of Play (PoP) is gearing up to kick off its annual Young Inventor Challenge (YIC), inviting kids 6 to 18 to develop their own toy or game.

Until October 31, aspiring toymakers can enter the challenge, which will one winner in each of the following categories:

  • Most Marketable
  • Most Sustainable
  • Best Game
  • Best Presentation
  • Most Fun Pet Toy

Winners will receive a $250 prize package of toys and games. PoP will announce them at a virtual awards ceremony on November 20.

The YIC aims to encourage contestants to hone their creativity, critical thinking, and STEAM skills throughout the invention and innovation process. Past winners of the challenge have seen their ideas become products that would eventually make their way to store shelves.

“The goal of the Young Inventor Challenge is to inspire creativity, and provide mentorship to these awesome kids. It is a competition, but our hope is for these students to gain invaluable insights during their experience,” said YIC director Karen Luciana. “All of our mentors and judges are handpicked to bring their individual strengths together for these kids. From product development, leadership, invention, marketing — all of their wisdom is meant to teach our remarkable contestants.”