Douglas Launches New ‘Foodie Macaroon’ Plush for 2022

Douglas Foodie Macaroon

With each New Year comes the conversation of how to improve on your diet. It’s never fun, but it always takes place. Plush toy maker and lifestyle gift creator, Douglas Company, has decided to up the fun factor when it comes to a new year of food with their newest Foodie Macaroon introductions for 2022!


If you are hungry for fun look at what’s on this year’s meal plan.


Just like a cactus-grown dragon fruit, Douglas’ yummy Dragon Fruit Macaroon is bright pink on the outside with a white plump tummy scattered with loads of black seeds. This 7.5” darling may even exhibit the same heart healthy qualities as a true dragon fruit, that is if falling in love is considered healthy. He stands upright on his tail and front feet and has yellow-green accents.


While this one might not be nutritionist approved for starting the new year off without sugar, Douglas’ sweet as can be S’more Bear Macaroon is a treat you just can’t set aside. At first glance, this work of art may look like any other campfire s‘more with the graham, mallow and chocolate. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll note that the squishy marshmallow actually resembles a squished white polar bear. This 4” square treat is a must-have.


Pass the wasabi and hold the soy, this next dish is wild! Sushi is typically prepared with rice and seafood although the varieties are endless including Douglas’ take on it, Sushi Cat Macaroon! This delicacy hosts a 7″ long plump white cat holding a bed of orange seafood of equal girth on its back.


Foodie Macaroon first introduced in 2020, married your favorite comfort food designs with a plush toy made of the softest microfiber and plush toy textures. Designed for ages 3 and up the newest Douglas Foodie Macaroon plush are expected on store shelves in late March 2022. Douglas’ products are sold at specialty gift and toy stores in the USA and Canada.