The Insights Family Annual Industry Voice Survey is Available

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The Insights Family, the global leader in kids, parents and family research, launches its annual Industry Voice Survey to identify industry professionals’ perceptions of the industry, how it is evolving, and some of the biggest challenges and opportunities that company’s collectively face. Following the survey, the company’s in-house market experts produce a report which investigates the confidence levels of industry professionals, as well as their thoughts and opinions on the current market, in order to facilitate a wider conversation in the industry.


The uncertainty in 2021 has in many ways sped up a number of industry challenges and opportunities, such as driving more digital innovation and seeing brands look to increase their direct-to-consumer business. This has seen many industries go through significant disruption and transformation in a short period of time.


After conducting last year’s survey, it was clear that the kids, parents and family ecosystems were the most fragmented they have ever been, with 9 out of 10 businesses agreeing that the landscape had fundamentally changed and 69% of respondents saying that the degree of change was unparalleled. This was reflected by the finding that only 6% of businesses believe they have a sufficient understanding of their own market.


By identifying these key attitudes, the Industry Voice Survey paints a picture of the biggest issues and concerns amongst market leaders. Not only is this the only 360 perspective report of its kind, the report provides an unrivaled foundation for businesses to base their advertising, marketing, licensing and content strategies upon as they plan for the future.


Nick Richardson, Founder & CEO of The Insights People comments: “There is no doubt that all aspects of the kids & family industry are going through significant and fundamental changes. In collaboration with several key associations and partners, we will once again be launching our Industry Voice Survey – which gauges industry professional’s confidence and outlook. I’d like to thank you in advance for taking part.”


All individuals who complete the five-minute Insights Family survey will receive a complimentary copy of the Industry Voice Report, as well as a copy of the 2022 Future Forecast. There are also five chances to win a luxury hamper, produced by Fortnum & Mason.


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