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NBA Math Hoops Arena Tour by Learn Fresh – A Quest to Make Math Fun, One Game at a Time

NBA Math Hoops Learn Fresh


Kids looking to boost their math skills have an assist from the NBA Math Hoops App by Learn Fresh. The free app is available for iOS and Android devices and leverages a simple yet engaging game design to help students in grades 3-8 master the basics of arithmetic using real NBA and WNBA player statistics. Kids draft a team of NBA and WNBA players and compete to score points by solving a series of math problems. Users can play in Quick Play mode or join a league with other users!


Learn Fresh, the nonprofit behind NBA Math Hoops, is in the midst of the NBA Math Hoops 2021-22 Arena Tour, a tour of NBA and WNBA games to drive awareness around the NBA Math Hoops App and the NBA Math Hoops program. Learn Fresh created the app as part of a suite of tools available to students and educators participating in the NBA Math Hoops program, which is implemented in classrooms and afterschool programs across the country and serves primarily students from low-income communities in grades 3-8. Through the core program, students play either a physical NBA Math Hoops board game or app version of the game in weekly sessions, while working their way through a 12-lesson, Common Core and 21st Century Learning Skills-aligned curriculum that explores math and social-emotional concepts contained within the game of basketball.


When youngsters play the NBA Math Hoops App, the sheer volume of math problems completed generates improvement in core skills. In a study of math fluency achievement, students completing ten or more games on the NBA Math Hoops App demonstrated 29.5 percent improvement in math fluency, compared to 15.6 percent for a control group.


During the 2021-22 NBA season, the Learn Fresh team will visit the games listed below to promote the NBA Math Hoops App. Fans with tickets to a game on the list can be on the lookout for the NBA Math Hoops-themed table, where they can play the NBA Math Hoops App and learn about their regional NBA Math Hoops program.


NBA Math Hoops 2022 Arena Tour Schedule: 3/2 – Denver Nuggets Math Hoops – Nuggets vs. Thunder 3/9 – Sacramento Kings Math Hoops Presented by NBC Sports – Kings vs. Nuggets 3/13 – Warriors Math Hoops – Santa Cruz Warriors vs. G League Ignite 3/26 – Portland Trail Blazers Math Hoops Presented by First Tech – Blazers vs. Rockets 4/2 – Sixers Math Hoops – Sixers vs. Hornets


NBA Math Hoops App • Free • Grades 3 to 8 – Download the NBA Math Hoops Mobile App for free in the App Store and Google Play. The playful program helps build fluency with fundamental math skills through a fun, basketball-themed game with authentic NBA and WNBA player statistics that update in real-time! Compete in Quick Play or League Play modes and enter a classroom code to play in a league format with your peers. Great for use in the classroom, after school, or in-home learning environments.


NBA Math Hoops Skills & Drills App • Free • Grades 3 to 8 – Ready for some drills? NBA Math Hoops Skills + Drills’ App helps young learners build fluency with fundamental math skills through a fun, fast-paced game that simulates the NBA All-Star Skills competition. The app complements the core NBA Math Hoops App and is designed for students looking to take their mental math and NBA Math Hoops play to the next level.