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Striker Entertainment Tapped by Sonar Studios on Global Licensing and Merchandising for Roblox Titles

Striker Entertainment Sonar Studios Logos

Sonar Studios has tapped Striker Entertainment LLC to handle worldwide merchandising, licensing, and media adaptations behind their hit Roblox titles Dragon Adventure, Creatures of Sonaria, and the in development Winds of Fortune. Striker Entertainment will oversee multiple categories for the hugely popular Roblox titles including toys and collectibles, lifestyle products, publishing, gaming, as well as explore the adaptation of these titles into film and television series.


Sonar Studios LLC is an independent game studio that makes games on the Roblox platform. Founded in 2019, their flagship games Dragon Adventures and Creatures of Sonaria have attracted tens of millions of players. Sonar Studios continues to develop highly innovative games, pushing the boundaries of Roblox’s engine to provide a highly engaging experience for players.


“Striker recognized very early in the pandemic that there was an opportunity to work with the best and brightest creators and developers on the Roblox platform. Upon meeting Sonar, we were immediately impressed with their creativity and business acumen that Sonar has showcased since their founding in 2019” said Russell Binder, President of Striker Entertainment. “Sonar brings a level of sophistication to the platform by way of game/experience design and engagement. They continue to deliver proprietary experiences and intuitively understand what the Roblox community is craving and that innovates and pushes the technology keeping Sonar’s games distinctive from what else is on the platform.”


Samuel Garcia, Co-Founder of Sonar Studio said “Our audiences have been excited at the potential of a wide variety of merchandise and media that is tailored to suit their favorite games — since our inception, fans and community members have requested to expand the sectors in which our brands operate. I am so happy to announce our partnership with Striker Entertainment, and that our community will be able to experience our titles in more ways than ever before.”