Upgraded Joovy Caboose RS Tandem Stroller Leads New Joovy Line-up

Joovy Logo Caboose RS Kooper RooLoop

Joovy is proud to announce the launch of the new Caboose RS in its 2022 line-up of strollers. An upgraded and premium edition, the Caboose RS offers first-class flexible family mobility and is one of the first of the company’s models to fully incorporate Joovy’s Be Good Initiative principles.


Joovy’s newest iteration makes its entry with 100% sustainable fabrics made from recycled water bottles – an integral aspect of its Be Good Initiative. Upgraded features include a full-grain leather handlebar, magnetic buckles, extra-large all-terrain wheels, and an expandable canopy.


The Joovy Caboose RS is the only tandem stroller on the market with a compatible bassinet for infants and newborns (up to 20 lbs). With 16 configurations, its iconic design provides a practical and flexible solution for growing families with siblings of different ages.


The Caboose franchise of strollers, with its integrated stand-on platform, continues to form the heart of the Joovy brand. The introduction of the Caboose 17 years ago radically changed the juvenile industry with its innovative approach to flexible family mobility. Before stroller boards existed, the concept of an integrated stand-on board where an older child can hitch a ride was revolutionary. Families embrace the “stand-on tandem” stroller as a fun yet practical solution to family mobility where there are siblings of different ages.


A market leader, Joovy’s Caboose design has been rigorously tip-tested to ensure maximum safety standards. The test results are overwhelming – the integrated stand-on board, located in front of the rear axle, distributes weight to both front and rear axles, making it profoundly stable.


Tandem strollers may now be an industry standard used by families around the globe, but the Joovy Caboose is the original and best. Joovy’s dedication to the Caboose design has continued with innovation and improvements on features, accessories, and fashions, with over 20 models since its original release.


Sarah Gardner, Joovy’s Director of Marketing, says, “Since we launched the Joovy Caboose 17 years ago, multiple versions of this iconic parent-favorite have strolled amusement parks, cruised malls across America, and traveled to grandma’s house for family visits.


“Now, we’re going one step further. Our Be Good Initiative focuses on being good to each other, the world, and our environment.”


Joovy’s stroller launches will wow fans of the brand in 2022. Inspired by the Be Good Initiative and a desire to improve family life, the Caboose RS joins other new models of Joovy’s popular strollers: The Caboose UL, Qool, Zoom, Big Caboose, Kooper RS, and Kooper RS2. Available for families now, these new strollers incorporate sustainable and recycled fabrics, upgraded features and packaging, and a Be Good commitment.


Families will have confidence in their investment as all products carry Joovy’s extensive warranty and 24/7 access to customer service.


Joovy will showcase its new strollers at the ABC Kids Expo, May 9 – 11, Paris Las Vegas, Booth #933.