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The Secret’s Out! Rear Window Game from Funko Games Now Available!

Rear Window Funko

The new Alfred Hitchock’s Rear Window Game from Funko Games encourages players to embrace their inner gumshoe or master manipulator and ponder: was that blood you saw or simply strawberry jam? Do you have what it takes to discern the mundane from the menacing?


Now available in stores, Funko Games’ newest strategy game invites you and your friends to take on the role of the “Master of Suspense” or one of his memorable characters working through his undisclosed plot. The game brings the classic movie’s themes of suggestion and integrity to life by asking the characters to interpret the director’s clues and solve the mystery – that is, if there even is one.


Suited for an older audience (13+), this is a cooperative game with the tension, suspense, and surprise associated with Hitchcock’s expert storytelling. Dare to leave your house and pick it up from your favorite store today!


Experience Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece Rear Window in this Funko game of deduction and suspense. Carefully observe strange clues and ominous patterns in the things going on in the apartments across the way. There are parties, knives, a saw, bickering, laughing, music…and a mysterious trunk. Do you detect a murder? Or is the secret, private world of the neighbors planting frightening ideas in your mind? MSRP: $34.99, 3-5 Players, Ages 13+