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Peanuts & Kilburn Open New Immersive Interactive Attraction Featuring Charlie Brown and Snoopy

Kilburn Peanuts Snoopy

Kilburn Live, the global market leader in creating large, branded, live event attractions with an emphasis on family entertainment, has announced the opening of the new immersive attraction The Search For Snoopy: A Peanuts Adventure. Created alongside Peanuts Worldwide, the Adventure will take fans of Charles Schulz’s world-renowned comic strip on a one-of-a-kind adventure inside the Peanuts world at Hawaii’s Ala Moana Center.


The collaboration will give guests the opportunity to step into the comic strip and go on a new family-friendly adventure as they help Charlie Brown search for his beloved dog, Snoopy. Among many of the familiar locales within the Peanuts neighborhood, visitors can stop by and visit:


Snoopy’s Doghouse – For the first time ever, step into Snoopy’s big red doghouse and see how everybody’s favorite beagle lives. Guests will get to see the interior of this iconic house which will be filled with numerous, incredible surprises to assist them in their journey.
Charlie Brown’s Bedroom – Step inside and decompress by releasing your best “AAUGH!” noise into a shout meter and see where you rank on a distinctly Peanuts scale.


Lucy Psychiatry Booth – The doctor is in – kind of – as guests can pick up the phone and hear advice and pearls of wisdom from Lucy.


The Classroom – The famous classroom will be featured as visitors are invited to step up to one of two microphones set up for kids and adults to address their fellow students – but in a nod to the animated specials, the adult microphone translates everything into the trademark “wah wah wah” grown-up voice.

“We are extremely excited to bring this Peanuts adventure to life. Working with the Peanuts team was an honor for us all and ensured the authenticity of this activation was top of mind from the beginning. This brand means so much to so many people on so many different levels we had to get it right,” said Kilburn CEO Mark Manuel. “For the first time ever, guests will be able to walk into the iconic Peanuts world and find incredibly fun surprises at every corner. I suspect people will be blown away when they step into and experience this unforgettable adventure.”


Peanuts brings to life all the ups and downs of growing up in a uniquely poignant and thoughtful way. The Search For Snoopy: A Peanuts Adventure will celebrate the enduring themes of the comic strips – friendship, belonging, perseverance, unique talents and the power of imagination.


Additionally, in an effort to try and capture how special Peanuts is to so many individuals around the world, Kilburn Live is inviting people to visit the Search for Snoopy website ( to upload a video message expressing what exactly Peanuts means to each of them. Three lucky guests with the most impactful and poignant messages will be invited to come visit the Adventure in an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii with family members and/or friends.


“We’re truly excited for guests to immerse themselves in this completely original story-focused family experience. It’s been a labor of love to bring the world-famous strip to life; kids of all ages will delight in this wonderfully imaginative adventure-themed attraction.” Craig Herman, Vice President, Location Based Experiences, Peanuts Worldwide.


“We’re pleased to welcome Kilburn Live and the Peanuts attraction to Ala Moana Center for both residents and visitors to enjoy,” said Jake Wilson, vice president and senior general manager of Ala Moana Center. “This unique experience is the perfect fit for Ala Moana Center as we look to diversify our mix of retail, restaurant and entertainment offerings with more family-friendly options.”


This announcement comes on the heels of Kilburn Live’s recent successful ventures in the live entertainment space with The Dr. Seuss Adventure and NERF Challenge activations with The Game Room: Powered By Hasbro set to open in 2022.


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Peanuts - Lucy

Peanuts - Snoopy's Doghouse

Peanuts - Dance Party

Peanuts - Charlie Brown's Bedroom

Peanuts - Aaugh Meter