Scentco, Inc. Launches New Bedtime Defenderz Plush Toys That Fight at Night, So Kids Sleep Tight!

Bedtime Defenderz

When it’s time for lights out, nightmares better watch out! Scentco Incorporated, a renowned U.S. toy designer and distributor, is pleased to announce the launch of Bedtime Defenderz, a new line of 10-inch plush toys and animated entertainment content designed to protect kids from the “bad guys” as they sleep. Comprised of five characters, all Defenderz come with their own comic book to read with a parent at bedtime, along with a power band (slap bracelet) children can use to role-play when communicating with their Defender. Best of all, each Defenderz’ belt buckle glows in the dark to make falling asleep easier than ever.


“As a dad with two children, I’ve experienced my fair share of unsuccessful bedtime routines as my little ones were scared of the creepy crawlers that lurked in the dark bedroom at night,” said Chris Coté, President and CEO of Scentco, Inc. “Bedtime Defenderz will offer children a relatable bedtime protector to watch over them as they sleep, instilling a sense of much-needed security so they can catch some Z’s with ease.”


In Snoozeland, each one of the Bedtime Defenderz has their own special power and background that make up the team:


Magnus (The Leader): He was born and raised in Snoozeland’s largest city. As a youngster, he had leadership qualities amongst his classmates. He never shied away from a challenge – whether it was in sports, music, or school. You can’t find a braver friend or better leader in the whole universe than Magnus. His Lightning Flight power is very special, and very powerful.

Bruno (The Brawn): Bruno was born in the rainy part of Snoozeland, where there is an abundant supply of plants, flowers, and trees. There’s plenty of food and nourishment, which is probably why Bruno grew up to be so big and strong. It’s been said that he has the strength of 150 Vykans!

Lex (The Heart & Soul): Lex has always had a love of creatures and naturally, they love him too. In his quaint town of Kalizona, Snoozeland, Lex resides comfortably on his ranch with over 1,000 Flurrblez until his special Force Field powers are needed to battle the bad guys.

El Soñador (The Scrapper): Having grown up in the city of Snorez, El Soñador took care of himself from an early age, enabling him to stand up to the bullies who loved to pick on him every chance they could. He’s not called The Scrapper for nothing!

Zigy (The Speedster): Zigy spends most of his time on the island of Galaptini, taking tourists on adventure trips. On one trip that went awry, as tourists dangled from a collapsed bridge, Zigy discovered he can whip at the speed of sound through his sonic bouncy ball powers to save those in distress.


Dream Central is the headquarters in Snoozeland where the Bedtime Defenderz stand guard making sure that dream energy is always in balance with nightmare energy. But the bad guys have other ideas:

Torrag (Master of Shadows): A powerful and scary villain, Torrag can harness the power of black holes to help him steal dream energy and turn it into nightmare energy. He’s big and bad; he’s mean and mad.

Night Krawlerz (The Generals): The Night Krawlerz are Torrag’s generals. They take direction from Torrag and carry out his every command.

Bed Bugz (The Soldiers): The Bed Bugz are Torrag’s army. They carry out the instructions sent by the Night Krawlerz.


Bedtime Defenderz are available for $29.99 on Amazon and at Scentco’s website:


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