Smart Teddy Lets Moms Vent with ‘Smart Teddy Mom Challenge’

Smart Teddy Mom Challenge

What is your biggest parenting challenge? Is it getting kids to brush their teeth? Getting them to sleep? Learn their ABCs? Whatever it is, Smart Teddy, the interactive talking teddy bear, wants to know. In advance of National Teddy Bear Day, September 9th, Smart Teddy is calling on moms to share their biggest parenting challenge in the Smart Teddy Mom Challenge for a chance to win a $500 spa gift card and a connected plush toy Smart Teddy, while nine runner ups will win their own Smart Teddy.


“If you’re a mom, you’re no stranger to repeating yourself a few dozen times until your little ones finally listen. Smart Teddy not only acts as a right-hand to parents but also helps them teach and engage their kids, as well as develop healthy habits,” said Svetlana Zakharenkova, Founder and CEO of Smart Teddy. “Mom challenges are real and relevant, so we want to hear about it for a chance to brighten your day with a $500 spa gift card and Smart Teddy toy for your child!”


To enter Smart Teddy Mom Challenge, upload a video or photo of your mom challenge at The contest ends September 8th and winners, hand-picked by the Smart Teddy team, will be announced on their Instagram @my_smartteddy.


Smart Teddy is available for $199.95 on Amazon. For more information about Smart Teddy, visit


Smart Teddy is an innovative toy controlled by parents through a mobile app. Parents can lead their little ones through educational games and activities designed to promote literacy and math skills and build good habits like personal hygiene, picking up their toys, and managing their emotions. With unique software built into the plush, Smart Teddy becomes a positive, nurturing member of the family by actively guiding children toward healthy, positive activities.