The Loyal Subjects Introduces Fashion Dolls With Purpose in ‘For Keeps Universe’

For Keeps Universe Loyal Subjects

The Loyal Subjects is taking fashion dolls to the next level with For Keeps Universe as they promote acceptance, love, diversity and self-empowerment.


Did you know one out of every five students report being bullied in America? With a statistic like that, there is no better time to promote kindness both at home and on the playground. The For Keeps Fashion Dolls are a toy parents can be proud to give their kids. Each For Keeps Universe doll comes complete with a message box, filled with affirmation stickers promoting positive thinking and kindness. These affirmations can be done daily or shared and gifted to family, friends and loved ones.


Children can extend kindness and positive thinking into the playground by sharing their stickers with friends, or sticker their notepads to reaffirm their positive thinking throughout the day. Not only rooted in a great cause, these dolls are also beautifully crafted and are uniquely different to reflect the community in which they live, along with different ethnicities and experiences.


Introducing Michelle, Stacey, Jen, Jay, and Lola! Michelle is a Korean-American tennis pro instructor and mentor, Stacey is an African-American Fire Captain and community leader, Lola is a Mexican-American health professional, and a true hero in today’s times, Jen is an All-Star beauty consultant, and prefers pronoun “They/Them”, and Jay is a world-famous stylist – not mention our first male doll in the lineup! Each character inspires, and contributes full hearts to their communities! We can’t wait to see and ride along with all the adventures the For Keeps crew gets up to!


The new dolls come with twice the fashion play, twice the hair play, twice the accessories, and also those beloved affirmation sticker packs! Each new character comes with two whole outfit changes! Including socks, stockings, a ton of accessories, luggage carriers, briefcases, sunglasses, hand bags, gloves, hats, pets and customized hair combs!


Additional For Keeps Sub Lines include:


Flower Power – Introducing Boo-Boo, Hope, Bea, and Tulip! Four irresistible, charming, and adorable earth mothers! Dressed in charms, and themes inspired by our natural planet, joined together by all their wonderful adventures, and protected by their irresistibly cute spirit animals.


Swoon – Introducing Liam, Lilly, Bonnie, and Delilah! A collection of fashion, and art enthusiasts; regulars in the galleries, on the runways, in the cafes and anywhere where something “cool” is happening. Our Swoon cast loves fashion, poetry, art, design, and painting.