Trefl Adds First-Ever US Based Website to Sell Jigsaw Puzzles for Holiday 2022

Trefl Games Logo United States

After close to four decades of international success, award winning and family-owned European puzzle, and game developer Trefl officially enters the U.S. market just in time for the holidays and is now available on Considered one of the biggest puzzle producers in the world, Trefl is known for its high-quality designs, innovative pieces and beautiful imagery resulting in picturesque masterpieces. Now available for the first-time in the U.S. on are the Trefl Wood Craft Origin line and the Trefl Prime Puzzle featuring Unlimited Fit Technology.


“Although Trefl was founded in 1985 in a tiny basement in Poland and is now one of the leading European jigsaw puzzle companies, it feels so surreal to be jumping across the pond and sharing our innovative and fun designs with families and puzzle enthusiasts in the states,” says Kazimierz Wierzbicki, Founder of the Trefl Group. “Our puzzles are truly unlike anything the U.S has ever seen before. Thanks to our Unlimited Fit Technology, one can connect each puzzle in the entire collection together, creating one large masterpiece. The unique, fun shapes and designs in our Wood Craft Origin line adds a unique design element that we’re confident will resonate in the U.S. as well.”


In addition to their innovative and unique designs, the Trefl Prime Series and Wood Craft Origin series are almost fully biodegradable and ecological and are available in eco-friendly packaging. “We strongly believe we must do our part in protecting the planet, and that’s why we strive to support sustainable practices in our entire product line,” adds Wierzbicki.


The Trefl Puzzle Prime Collection are the only puzzles in the world that feature Ultimate Fit Technology (UFT®) and are created for true jigsaw puzzle lovers. The special Ultimate Fit Technology (UFT®) allows you to put together any number of puzzles that can be connected into one large composition! In addition, thanks to the use of the thickest paperboard, unique shapes of puzzle pieces and special cutting method, you can easily carry the entire jigsaw puzzle around. Create your own collage from the Trefl Prime jigsaw puzzles. The series is available in various picturesque themes including Romantic Sunset, Color Slash, Funny Dog Faces, and Vacay Time and more.


The Trefl Puzzle Collection is available now on for $18.99 (1,000 pieces) and $21.99 (1,500 pieces) and recommended for ages 12 years and up.


The Trefl Wooden Craft line features unique, irregular and fun puzzle shapes to fit with the overall puzzle theme, along with beautiful patterns on the back of each piece, has extremely precise printing, as well as intense colors. Crafted using eco-friendly materials, and wrapped in eco-friendly packaging, this high-quality puzzle features beautiful themes, thick pieces and once connected, turns into an incredible visual, perfect for display.


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