Moose Toys Announces Two New Plush Innovation Sensations to Continue Impressive Streak: Cookeez Makery and Little Live Pets’ My Puppy’s Home

Cookeez Makery Little Live Pets’ My Puppy’s Home

Moose Toys, a leading innovator in the toy industry, continues to dominate the Special Feature Plush category with two new announcements: Cookeez Makery and Little Live Pets’ My Puppy’s Home. According to NPD, Moose kept its hold on the top four spots in the category throughout the holiday season with Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball, Little Live Pets Mama Surprise, last year’s mega hit Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron, and Dance and Play Bluey, respectively. Enter 2023, and the toymaker is making clear its intention to retain category leadership, announcing two new innovation sensations: Cookeez Makery and Little Live Pets’ My Puppy’s Home, each boasting first-of-its-kind features.


Cookeez Makery is an oven-themed playset that lets kids mix and make “dough” to create their new sweet-scented best friend. And, in a “history in the baking” moment, after popping the “dough” in the oven, a plush version of the character magically comes out warm to the touch. There’s a plush puppy, bunny or kitten to cuddle and they’re deliciously scented either bread or cinnamon. Kids’ new best friend even makes sweet sounds when squeezed and hugged.


Little Live Pets’ My Puppy’s Home is a one-of-a-kind DIY playset that kids and parents assemble together and holds all the excitement of bringing home a new puppy. It comes with everything needed to build a new home for a surprise, interactive plush puppy, including a kid-safe plastic hammer and plastic screws, and a flat pack of four walls with a door, floor and roof. When construction is complete, fill the water bowl and watch as paw prints appear at the entry. A nameplate above the door adds the finishing welcoming touch that lures the adorable puppy to magically appear inside its new home.


“The very core of our Moose DNA is ‘Innovation.’ Our relentless pursuit of doing things differently has propelled us to the top of the Special Feature Plush category where we have steadily held the top four spots since October. Cookeez Makery and My Puppy’s Home feature Moose’s signature elements of surprise and reveal, while incorporating new, unique play patterns, and we expect that they will be instrumental in maintaining our leadership position,” said Ronnie Frankowski, chief commercial officer, Moose Toys. “Fueled by these newest offerings, along with a few more surprises up our sleeves, we anticipate 2023 will be another massively successful growth year.”


The release of NPD’s data for December 2022 also confirms that Moose Toys has maintained its status as the #1 manufacturer for Special Feature Plush, growing 261 percent vs. 2021. In the month of December, Moose accounted for 36 percent of the Special Feature Plush class dollar share, increasing sales over +$21MM vs November 2022.


Mama Surprise, Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball and Cauldron as well as Dance and Play Bluey are available at all major retailers nationwide. Cookeez Makery and My Puppy’s Home will be similarly available in July 2023.