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Scentco and Armada Content Partner to Create Animated Entertainment Series for Bedtime Defenderz

Bedtime Defenderz

Scentco Inc, a renowned U.S. toy designer and distributor, and producers of the fast growing Bedtime Defenderz plush toy line, has inked a deal with Armada Content, LLC to produce 12 episodes of new animated entertainment content to be released in the Fall of 2023 on YouTube. The new animated content will tell the stories behind the origin of the Bedtime Defenderz and their nemesis Torrag, Master of Shadows. The series follows the hugely successful introduction of the Bedtime Defenderz plush toy line in the Fall of 2022.


“As a parent, I know how hard the bedtime routine can be. I wanted to help families in a fun way and Bedtime Defenderz was my answer to that,” said Chris Coté, President of Scentco, Inc. “We worked hard to develop strong storylines around each character. There is so much room to blow these storylines out and partnering with Armada gives us that valuable platform.”


Comprised of five 10-inch plush toys, the Bedtime Defenderz help kids feel protected from the “bad guys” when it’s time for bed, making the bedtime routine easier for parents. Each Defender comes with a glow-in-the-dark belt buckle, a power band slap bracelet, and a comic book for bedtime reading. The animated series, taking place in Snoozeeland, will detail out how each hero got their special powers and expand on the comic books that kids have grown to love.


“There is something very unique and special about the Bedtime Defenderz and their adventures in Snoozeeland,” said Mike Halsey, Partner, Armada Content, LLC. “Not only do they tell an action packed, engaging story, but they help solve a problem that parents and kids face daily. We’re excited to help expand the journey of these heroes and tell the story to a larger audience.”


Bedtime Defenderz are available for $29.99 on Amazon and at Scentco’s website: www.scentcoinc.com. See the Bedtime Defenderz animated teaser here: https://bit.ly/3zFq3U3. For more information about Bedtime Defenderz,  visit https://www.bedtimedefenderz.com/.