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PBS Kids Launches ‘Daniel Tiger: At the Dentist’ to Educate Young Ones on Dental Health

Daniel Tiger at the Dentist

Going to the dentist is a big “first” for preschoolers, and Daniel Tiger is once again is here to help prepare kids for these milestone moments with “Daniel Tiger: At the Dentist.” It’s a fun, replay-able game that, alongside Daniel Tiger and Dr. Plat, prepares children for a positive experience when going to the dentist.  Through relaxing, interactive gameplay with Daniel and Mr. Dino, kids will familiarize themselves with a dentist visit by experiencing the sights and sounds of various instruments and processes utilized by the dentist! Additionally, the game will encourage little ones to brush their teeth for two minutes, as recommended by the AAPD.


  • Tooth decay is the number one chronic childhood disease in the U.S. – even more common than childhood obesity, asthma and diabetes. Good oral care habits and routine visits with a pediatric dentist can help prevent tooth decay.


  • It’s important to establish an oral care routine by age 1, including regular check-ups by a specially trained pediatric dentist. Find a pediatric dentist near you with AAPD’s Find a Dentist tool.


  • During snack time, try to moderate sugar intake and acidic drinks, like juice and soda that erode teeth. Opt for cheese, fresh fruits and yogurt



The information presented in this game has been reviewed by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and is consistent with the current science related to oral health care for children. This does not represent any endorsement by the AAPD of the product.


Daniel Tiger: At the Dentist” launches on February 17 at the official Daniel Tiger’s  Neighborhood website, www.pbskids.org/daniel.