Goliath Group Acquires Game Night in a Can License

Game Night in a Can Goliath

Goliath Group, a family-owned global toy and games company, announced the acquisition of the Game Night in a Can license from game inventors and creative studio, Barry & Jason Games & Entertainment.


Game Night in a Can features 35 creative and physical challenges, based on popular segments from Barry McLaughlin and Jason Lautenschleger’s touring live comedy game show. Audience favorites include Just Say Noah, where people were invited on stage to create new animal species, and Frumpy Bumpers, a competitive butt-bumping game.

The addition of Game Night in a Can further fuels Goliath’s mission of creating moments of togetherness for all: Game Night in a Can has no limit to the number of players, a near-infinite possibility of gameplay combinations, and can be enjoyed by kids & adults of any age.


Originally launched as a successful crowdfund project, the 5th anniversary edition of Game Night in a Can includes graphic design from longtime collaborator Chad Ford and a host of hilarious characters from artist Jade Wolf.


“We’re thrilled to be teaming up with Goliath Games and feel fortunate to have found a partner who also sees the long-term potential for growth of Game Night in a Can as an enduring, global brand,” said Jason Lautenschleger.


“They really understand the vision of Game Night in a Can and the importance of inspiring creative thinking and imaginative play,” said Barry McLaughlin. “They also play Frumpy Bumpers every chance they get, which we love.”


“Adding Game Night in a Can to our broad party game portfolio perfectly aligns with our mission of spreading joy and togetherness across the globe.” says Brian Weiss, President of Goliath Group North America. “It’s a simple & portable game that has Barry and Jason’s magic of bringing out the creative, silly spirit in all of us. This is the type of game that can create lasting memories – with friends, with family, no matter the age.”