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Little Kids Inc & World of EPI Hop on KidStuff PR’s Carousel as Agency of Record

KidStuff World of EPI Little Kids Inc

KidStuff Public Relations founder Lisa Orman announced that Little Kids, Inc and World of EPI (Entertainment, Publishing and Inspiration) have retained KidStuff PR as their agency of record. Both beloved and respected brands will now have KidStuff PR handle its media, social and influencer relations, effective January 2023. 


In addition, small businesses Fireside Games and FluffyWeight are joining as clients in February 2023.  Fireside is promoting several best-selling games with a focus on My First Castle Panic, while FluffyWeight is launching its weighted stuffed animal line, which got its start after mom Elena Foley searched high and low for a weighted stuffy when her child was diagnosed with ADHD (and she herself was subsequently, too) and the family doctor recommended getting one. Finding none, she staged a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in Q42020 for a weighted stuffed animal, and then her official launch was delayed due to the pandemic. 


One of a very small number of public relations agencies focusing only on children’s products and toys, KidStuff PR offers a unique and targeted approach to publicity, promotions and creating a buzz. The 29-year-old agency’s specialization has led to close relationships not only with key media influencers, but also in the toy industry community—exemplified by the agency’s past public relations roles with the Astra, the Toy Association and scores of manufacturers worldwide.


 KidStuff PR has fostered relationships with a vetted group of over 200 influencers for over a decade. Recently, the agency has mentored and sought out partnerships with influencers who are families of color to diversify the life experiences of influencers who review clients’ products. This aspect of the agency’s influencer portfolio and the relationships it has built appealed to these new clients. The world of toy influencing has been dominated by white families, and Orman saw a need to address it. 


Little Kids develops, manufactures, and markets innovative and award-winning bubble, novelty, sports, games and other outdoor activity products. In 2023 the company is celebrating its 30th anniversary of their beloved No-Spill bubble toys along with both their legacy brands, Fubbles and Junk Ball and their newest product lines: Föm Mania, Dippin Designs, and their first entry into the indoor games space, Ballz’n—an all-in ball-bouncing race to the highest score. Earlier this year, Föm Mania’s Fömilator nabbed a finalist spot on the Toy Of The Year 2022 ballot. 


Explained Little Kids Inc SVP Corporate Strategy and Marketing Leigh Anne Cappello, “We are thrilled to be working with Lisa and her team at KidStuff across our full range of toys and games. We truly value trusting engagements, collaborative contributors, and a healthy competitive spirit, all of which we have experienced in our work with KidStuff. It’s a good match.” 


World of EPI is the country’s largest Black-owned multi-cultural doll company. With brands including Positively Perfect (14” & 18” dolls), Fresh Dolls and boy-centric Fresh Squad, the dolls honor the beauty and intelligence of multicultural children. 


“I want to support families in raising beautiful, confident children with unlimited possibilities,” retells Dr. Lisa Williams, who formed the World of Entertainment, Publishing and Inspiration (World of EPI) with the mission of spreading joy by providing children with dolls that inspire dreams, promote intelligence and build self-esteem. 


The CEO and Founder most recently teamed with Marvel Studios to create Fresh Fierce Collection special edition collectible dolls based on Wakanda Warrior characters Shuri, Okoye and Nakia as 11.5-inch dolls. With authentic hairstyles and detailed fashions inspired by intricate costumes in the film, the doll collection won the prestigious 2022 Toy Of The Year in the Doll category. 


KidStuff PR’s Orman said her team was looking forward to bringing a fresh perspective to a number of campaigns that are currently in the works. These new appointments add to a lively list of toy and juvenile brands already on KidStuff PR’s roster including Shout! Kids and Goki America