New Rom Com Game from University Games Arrives in Time for Valentine’s Day

Rom Com Game University Games

Gather your friends and couples for a fun date night with University Games’ new Rom Com Game, a trivia game that’s all about the perfect pairs, romantic one-liners and famous on-screen relationships from popular Romantic Comedy movies. The charmingly-entertaining new Rom Com Game (4 or more players, ages 12+) arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day this year.


Craig Hendrickson, SVP Product Development at University Games, said, “Rom Com can sweep your Valentine’s Day gathering, date night, girls’ night and party game night off its feet with cozy and sentimental fun. The game is gushing with 300 nostalgic, familiar and challenging question cards for an entertaining night in.”


University Games takes “Netflix and chill” to a new forum for couples and friends to reminisce and share memories of their favorite romantic comedy moments. The Rom Com Game even includes red foil heart tokens and a three-dimensional couch that serves as the heart and card holder during game play. Players or teams try to be the first to win two hearts from each of three different categories to win.