Create A Castle Growing Internationally, Now Available at All Target and Sam’s Club Canada Stores

Create A Castle Logo Target Canada

Within a three-year span, Create A Castle has gone from besting major brands as a surprise winner of a TOTY Award (“Best Outdoor Toy”), to Shark Tank winner. Now adding to that growing success, Create A Castle is continuing to build its international success in Australia with the addition of all Target and Sam’s Club stores in Canada.


“Ever since we introduced our Snow Castle and Mystery Bag versions, what was once seen as a strictly outdoor Summer fun product is now recognized as both an outdoor Winter and indoor year-round toy as well,” noted Kevin Lane, Co-Founder of the firm with his wife, Laurie.


“Since we started making Create A Castle in our garage,” he added, “this is akin to a garage band making it big as rock stars touring the world…and that’s music to our ears.”