Douglas Introduces New Jungle and Forest Animal Plush to Their Selection

Ozzy Possum Douglas

Douglas, the plush toy company and lifestyle gift creator is introducing four new Jungle friends to its collection.


Jessie the Giraffe is a member of Douglas’ Softs’ Collection. Jessie stands 10” tall, she’s extra floppy and cuddly soft. She looks very much like a true to life giraffe with all the proper marking of golden brown and cream. She will make the best addition to your child’s jungle themed nursery.


Romie the Tiger is also a member of Douglas’ Softs Collection. Romie is 10” tall and extra soft and cuddly. His extra floppy body allows for lots of poses and creative play. He has all the proper markings of a real tiger with reddish-brown fur and black stripes. His tummy is white as are the sides of his face and insides of his ears. He is ready to play.


Kira the Kangaroo has a removable Joey Finger Puppet. This two-in-one combination plush is double the fun! Standing 15” tall, this young momma is quick to care for her little one keeping him safe in her front pocket pouch. Kira and Joey are both deep caramel brown from head to toe with cream inside their ears.


Quinn the Quokka is a marsupial much like a kangaroo only much smaller. Quinn is 10” tall, has a stocky build and a rounded face like a teddy bear. Its fur is colored like a grizzly bear with deep brown and a hint of black. In real life its fur is course, but in Douglas life it is very soft and extra cuddly.


While strolling through the Woods at Douglas you will find a few new fine feathered friends along with a couple of woodland critters. The plush toy maker and lifestyle gift creator has four such animals coming out this Spring.


Andie the Owl is a member of Douglas Softs Collection and a little bit more whimsical in nature. Andie stands 9.5” tall, and is completely gray except for his white face and tufts of white on his wings. He’s got a white face with all the correct owl markings, a tiny gray beak and big black and gold eyes. He’s a real hoot!


Wendy the Osprey could not be more realistic looking. She’s regal with her full, puffed out chest and neck in ivory to match her ivory talons. Her head, wings and tail feathers boast majestic shades of brown with a very unique pattern of the same colors on the top of her head. She has the distinctive black eye stripe that goes around her face that distinguishes her as an Osprey.


Ozzy the Possum is a member of Douglas’ DLux club, meaning opulence is best. It will be one of the plush toys that will perpetually be mistaken for an actual possum. Its fur is much more elegant than an actual possum, and the texture and design is impeccable. This 13” long critter has luxurious fur in shades of brown and white. His feet, tail and nose are pale pink and velvety smooth. His face is pure white with prominent black ears. The only thing this possum won’t do is play dead.


Spunky the Hedgehog with the Birthday Hat is a party animal. Spunky has been a favorite of Douglas’ for a long time. This one is 5” round resembling a powder puff. This fuzzy little pudge ball is shades of brown with a white belly. Lying on his back with his cute face and tiny limbs he’s ready to celebrate. Warning: beware of flying hedgehogs because this round fluffy begs to be thrown.


Designed for ages 3 and up, Douglas’ newest Jungle animals will ship in March 2023. Douglas’ products are sold at specialty gift and toy stores in the USA and Canada.