Little Kids Inc Launches All New Junk Ball Toy Line

Junk Ball Little Kids Inc

What is a Junk Ball anyway? It’s a pitch that controls the movement of the baseball and allows the pitcher to throw off a batter’s timing – such as knuckleballs, curveballs, and sliders. The more junk balls a pitcher can throw, the more likely they are to strike out their batter. Now, for the first time, Junk Balls are getting wild with the Junk Ball Wild Pitch Collectible Balls. With a dozen different designs, and unique marbling and hydro-dipping manufacturing techniques, no two are alike. Packaged in fun collectible blind bags, consumers will receive balls at random. There are six common balls with names like World Champs, USAyy and Garbage! Lucky collectors might pick one of the five rare balls such as High Cheese, Ruby or Crash Test. Incredibly lucky ones will browse the aisles at Dick’s Sporting Goods and grab a limited edition Bone Rattler.


Kids who dream of pitching for the Little League squad or the varsity team can now perfect and track their game right in their own backyard with the Junk Ball Umpire Strike Zone! Parent company Little Kids, Inc (LKI) continues to expand its Junk Ball baseball line for aspiring athletes to grow from beginner to pro with equipment for every stage and ability.


This all-in-one set lets kids practice pitching by aiming for a specific box on the target or use the enclosed pitching guide to learn a new pitch. No need to have an ump behind the plate. Let the strike zone be your ump – since anywhere in the green or gray is a strike – and the set includes tracking clips to help you keep track of the score, runs, outs, and ghost runners! Boxed set includes Strike Zone, an exclusive Junk Ball Wild Pitch Collectible Ball and sticker, 9 tracking clips, instructions plus 4 stakes.


Junk Ball Umpire Strike Zone – Ages: 5+, Wanna play like the pros? Perfect and track your game with the junk ball umpire strike zone! It really does it all! It’s your ump – pitch anywhere in the gray zone without a hit, and it’s a strike! It’s your scoreboard – track strikes, balls, outs, the score, and ghost runners with sliding tracker clips. It’s even your coach – reference the pitch guides to see how to throw the perfect screwball, fastball, curveball, or riser! Whether you’re playing a backyard game with friends or practicing your pitching solo – the umpire strike zone has you covered.


Junk Ball Wild Pitch Collectible Balls – Ages: 5+, Ready for your backyard baseball game to get wild? Grab a Junk Ball Wild Pitch blind bag and see which epic, one-of-a-kind ball you get! There are 12 wildly unique ball styles – no two are exactly the same! Some are common, some are rare, and only one is the wildest of them all, the limited-edition Bone Shaker! The twelve styles come in three classic Junk Ball types: the Original Junk Ball – designed to let you throw like the pros, the Tornado – designed for maximum curve control, or the Pro Max – designed for maximum distance and power!