PlayMonster Magnatab Minis Named 2023 Toy Trend by The Toy Association

PlayMonster Logo Tim Kilpin Global Magnatab Minis

PlayMonster Group LLC, a leading international toy and game company, has announced the launch of the Magnatab Minis line, which has been named as part of the 2023 Toy Association trends report. The new product line will be available for consumer purchase in April 2023 at Barnes & Noble and aims to bring all the satisfying fidget fun of Magnatab to a tween and kidult audience.  


PlayMonster’s successful preschool Magnatab brand is a Montessori-learning-inspired, sensory-based drawing tablet that uses magnets and a stylus to teach writing and free drawing. Though created for a younger audience, Magnatab has become a popular toy in the ASMR and fidget sphere due to the satisfying “click” of the beads.  On TikTok alone, #Magnatab has garnered over 29 million views. PlayMonster saw an opportunity to expand the reach of the brand, and Magnatab Minis was created! 


Like the original, Magnatab Minis allows kids and adults alike to hear that gratifying clicking sound but in a mini, portable version. These new collectible clips are a sensory and fidget toy that is easy to enjoy everywhere you go! 


“At PlayMonster we’re always innovating and thinking ‘what’s next?’ and with the popularity of our Magnatab brand in both consumer purchasing and on social media, we knew we had to launch an on-the-go version that would allow fidget fun no matter where you are,” said Steve Adolph, CEO of PlayMonster. “We look forward to the continued growth of the brand and are eager to see the consumer response to this exciting new product.”


The Toy Association recently presented its annual “Toy Trends Briefing” at the 2023 Play Date event and named Magnatab Minis as part of their Tween Takeover trend. This 2023 trend is an extension of the 2022 Play for All trend which indicates adults (kidults) enjoy playtime just as much as kids.


Keeping kids, teens, tweens and kidults in mind, new Magnatab Mini designs will be released this spring and consumers are encouraged to collect each product. The Magnatab Minis will feature trendy avocado, cactus, and lightning bolt shapes on a classic backpack clip for on-the-go fidget fun.