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Chupa Chups and Meraki Stun Audiences with Fashion Collaboration at Colombo Fashion Week 2023

Chupa Chups Fashion Week 2023 Sri Lanka

During this year’s summer edition of Colombo’s Fashion Week held at the Shangri-La Venue in Colombo, a collaboration has been showcased between designer Sharmila Ruberu of Meraki and Chupa Chups of Perfetti Van Melle, a first of its kind in Sri Lanka. Inspired by the vibrance and playfulness of the ‘Forever Fun’ confectionery brand ‘Chupa Chups’, the collection showcased the brand’s signature personality fused together with the unique design aesthetic that Meraki is known for.


The collection is titled ‘Sensurreal’ with a wink to Salvador Dalí, the famous designer of the Chupa Chups logo. Eight female and four male outfits were presented with a whirl of color that mesmerized the audience at the catwalk held on March 31st at the Colombo Fashion Week 2023.


Leaving a lasting impression on all attendees and stakeholders involved in the fashion industry of Sri Lanka, Sensurreal was a prime example of how cross-industry collaborations can push the boundaries of creativity. Sharmila Ruberu, Founder of Meraki, commented, “I had a great deal of fun working on this collection with both CFW and Perfetti teams. In the Sensurreal collection the senses are heightened and taken to a whole new level in a colourful and vibrant context. I hope that this collaboration opens the doors for other designers to question what is the norm and push themselves to even greater heights.”


Speaking about this ground breaking initiative, Mohit Bhalla, Country Manager of Perfetti Van Melle Lanka Pvt. Ltd., said, “We are thrilled to partner with Colombo Fashion Week and Sharmila, which represents a unique collaboration in Sri Lanka that embodies the spirit of our beloved and forever fun Chupa Chups brand.”


Meanwhile, Christine Cool, Licensing Area Manager of Perfetti Van Melle, added, “Sharmila has elevated the Chupa Chups brand to sheer poetry with this beautiful fashion collection. By adding touches of vibrant color and iconic elements of the brand to the delicate fabrics of her silhouettes, she evokes the thrill of anticipation when you open the lollipop wrapper and are about to indulge yourself.”