Horn Entertainment Launches Crazy Trains

Crazy Trains

Punch your ticket to ride the rails from the safety of the kitchen table in this truly crazy Family Game Night board game called, aptly, Crazy Trains: The Game of Loco-Motion!


In about 20 minutes, players can take a circuitous route with the not-so-helpful aid of Curly the Conductor to their final destination, New York City. Unlike the railroad stops of that other iconic board game, players do not get $200 when they pass GO. Instead, players become the Engineer of a 4-car train in this fast-paced race and chase style game!


“Crazy Trains is the exciting new family board game where everyone can enjoy the thrill of riding the rails,” began the glowing write-up from Mom’s Choice Awards. “Bringing new competitive board game components into the realm of nostalgic railroad culture, Crazy Trains combines quality construction, train-themed game pieces and specialty dice with compelling colors and graphics.”


Along the way a new generation is introduced to traveling by train with vocabulary words ranging from Railroad Crossing and Collisions to Train Depot and Arrival Track. No two games are ever played the same as parents or grandparents compete with the kids – each conducting their way to fun!


Once aboard, players are introduced to Curly the Conductor who may not be as wise as his uniform makes him appear! So, players become the Engineers and race their way along the Main Railroad Line from their starting point, the Train Depot. The first player to finally reach New York City is declared the winner and grateful passengers disembark for another day of crazy train rides.


Game creator Frank Horn, known in Miami, FL as an assistant director on television commercials, grew up playing board games with sister Julie and mom Maria. As he describes it, the women were board game fanatics and highly competitive! A few years ago, they met at the family home in Virginia and decided to create their own board game. Through trial-and-error Crazy Trains was born and selfpublished. Frank made whistle stops along the eastern seaboard to train and museum shops who instantly agreed to stock the shelves with this race and chase game.


Using his entertainment skills, Frank wrote lyrics to the game’s jingle and enticed The Yale Brothers, performers and songwriters, to add instrumentals then record it. The whimsical result can be heard on Crazy Trains home page,


Crazy Trains is available at neighborhood specialty shops like Train Town Toy & Hobby in Summerville, SC, Northwest Railway Museum in Snoqualmie, WA and the Georgia State Railroad Museum in Savannah, GA. Families can easily order online at Follow the family-owned business on socials @crazytrainsgame.


Crazy Train • Ages 7+ Mom’s Choice Awards Winner – Get ready to hop aboard the twists and turns train route to your final destination – The Big Apple. In this family board game for two to four players, everyone can conduct their way to fun as they meet Curly The Conductor and attempt to control the speed and the direction of the train. Inside the box, players will find a sturdy board game, 2 Coal Dice, 1 Conductor Die, 16 Train Cars plus game rules & instructions.