Miniland Launches You Belong with Miniland 3rd Annual Initiative to Inspire Inclusive Play Across the Country

Miniland You Belong

Focusing on the power of play to spark inclusion among young children, Miniland has launched its 3rd Annual You Belong campaign, its most powerful initiative to support acceptance and representation in early childhood.


Encompassing the values of the Miniland brand and all who support it: children, teachers, parents and retailers, You Belong is centered on the brand’s core values of inclusion, tolerance, empathy, collaboration and respect.


“Social Emotional Learning was at the heart of our brainstorming sessions when we created our You Belong Campaign in 2021,” said Clara Roque, National Sales Manager for Miniland in North America. “Amidst the unnerving and unending pandemic, You Belong was a stepping stone towards unity for us not only as a brand but as a community dedicated to the education and emotional well-being of young children around the world. This year, with divisive messages and confusing speech among our youth, our mission of inclusivity grows ever more important.”


Miniland’s award-winning educational toys and games have been praised around the globe for their ability to teach social emotional learning skills and promote representation from birth through elementary school, fostering acceptance skills and nurturing empathy to last well into adulthood. Named a 2022 TOTY Finalist for Doll of the Year, Miniland’s Dolls with Down syndrome ignited the campaign beyond the educational market and into the hands of the consumer this year.


To continue to support parents and educators who recognize the importance of teaching inclusion among their children and students, Miniland’s You Belong initiative will include impactful tips and ideas from well-known educational and parenting influencers, inspirational stories, discounts and benefits to participating Miniland retailers, and exciting giveaways to consumers throughout the months of August and September, with participating retailers preparing in May and June to show their support.


“Having the proper tools available along with a welcoming approach is one of many ways parents and teachers can make a child feel like they belong,” said Roque. “With the support of our wonderful retailers and our engaged followers, our main goal of You Belong is to make a statement and inspire other parents, educators and stores to lend their voices to the many who are already providing accepting and representative environments to their children through play across the country.” Interested parents can access useful information on Miniland’s Blog as well as peruse their many SEL product offerings that focus on diversity, inclusion and representation. Leading items to create a more inclusive classroom include their best-selling Emotiblocks and Family Diversity Blocks as well as their array of ethnically diverse and highly successful Dolls with Down syndrome line.


“It all starts early,” said Roque. “By creating a fully accepting environment and providing them with diverse play experiences, parents are laying the groundwork for their children to grow up to be kind and welcoming adults who are inclusive of others naturally and effortlessly.” For more information on how you can support the You Belong initiative, head to You Belong with Miniland.