Singing Machine Announces New ‘CARE-eoke’ Initiative and Social Good Mission on National Sing-out Day


The Singing Machine Company, Incorporated (“Singing Machine” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: MICS), the North American leader in consumer karaoke products, has announced the Company’s new CARE-eoke by Singing Machine initiative, and a strategic focus on social impact for children and adults of all ages who would benefit from singing. Singing Machine intends to form a series of collaborative partnerships, to help amplify the diverse emotional and physical health and wellness benefits of karaoke, beginning with formalizing its CARE-eoke by Singing Machine division.


Many health sources are reporting that singing has countless health advantages and is not just a fun pastime. According to a breakthrough study from the University of Geneva (UNIGE), practicing and listening to music can help slow down cognitive decline and brain aging by stimulating the production of gray matter in healthy seniors. Dr. Michael Roizen in his book The Great Age Reboot, states, “Social activities, music and singing can reduce stress and literally add years to your life.” Another bestselling author and BBC Host, Dr. Michael Mosley, recommends in his book “Just One Thing, to [take] up singing in the bathroom or anywhere else, because research shows it’s a great way to boost mood, reduce anxiety and even relieve chronic pain. And most importantly, it’s fun!“


Singing Machine’s intention is to create social impact through karaoke, and has engaged longtime change-maker, Genna Rosenberg from GennComm, as the Company’s social impact champion. Rosenberg is formalizing the new CARE-eoke by Singing Machine social entrepreneurship efforts, which include working to align a series of best-in-class strategic partnerships, creating experiences and social impact storytelling to diverse audiences and stakeholders.


“For over four decades Singing Machine has been bringing joy through music to millions of families around the world. But, recent scientific evidence suggests that karaoke is more than just joyful experiences; it also has strong links to health and mental wellbeing,” said Gary Atkinson, CEO of Singing Machine. “We plan to align with like-minded partners who can help us reach different populations that would benefit from karaoke. We started during Autism Awareness Month with the announcement of a new licensing initiative with Sesame Workshop, and programming with the Center for Learning Unlimited, two groups creating community, acceptance, and normalizing neurodiversity. We intend to do more in this space, and with other populations.”


“Singing Machine is the most incredible company and it’s an honor to help truly change people’s lives and execute-on their vision with CARE-eoke by Singing Machine,” said Genna Rosenberg, CEO of GennComm. “We are on a mission to impact diverse groups of people who we believe will benefit greatly from karaoke in a myriad of ways. It was palpable to see the effect of karaoke in action at a Center for Learning Unlimited (CLU) event in Southern California. There was joyful and robust creative expression from trainees on the spectrum, some of whom are even largely non-verbal, who shined brightly as they karaoked their hearts out with their new Singing Machine products. We plan to work on issues ranging from how karaoke can help the mental health crisis in the workplace, sick children, aging seniors, Altzheimers patients, and also addressing the mental health and isolation felt by communities nationwide coming out of the pandemic. Karaoke has made a real difference for the bright neurodiverse trainees we serve in our CLU digital arts and animation training program,” said Virginia Erxleben, CLU Director. “It helps to build self esteem, a sense of belonging, and unlocks creativity for many of our promising artists as they sing, laugh, and importantly, enjoy each other’s social company…. an experience that is new for our neurodiverse population.”