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New Short Episodes of “The Legends of MeoShín’Ké” Animated Series Coming Thanks to a Grant Awarded to Hwahwa Studios by KOCCA


Hot on the heels of the excellent ratings for The Legends of MeoShín’Ké on Daekyo Kids TV in Korea, Hwahwa Studios (Korea) and Run With Us Productions (Canada) are pleased to announce that Hwahwa Studios has been awarded a grant by KOCCA, the Korean Creative Content Agency, to produce additional short episodes. This will bring the short episode animated series to 20 with the added content to be delivered this Fall. The Legends of MeoShín’Ké will be featured in both the KOCCA stand #J912, and the HwaHwa Studio booth #K239 at The Licensing Expo, in Las Vegas, June 13-15.


Lima Kyoungrim Kim of Hwahwa Studios states, “We are thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to continue expanding the world of The Legends of MeoShín’Ké with these additional episodes. It is a great joy bringing these mythical creatures to life and sharing the richness of Korean folklore with a global audience.”


The Legends of MeoShín’Ké introduces the ghosts and monsters of Asian mythology and is based on authentic Korean writings and traditional folklore. Created by Lima Kyoungrim Kim and Jan Borkowski of HwaHwa Studios and developed by Kevin Gillis of Run With Us Productions, the series of animated shorts is the prequel to a long-form animated series being developed for production later this year. The series of shorts follow on the success of 6 best-selling books by Lima Kyoungrim Kim and Jan Borkowski.


Kevin Gillis of Run With Us production concludes, “Daekyo Kids TV’s unwavering support for MeoShín’Ké has created a global interest for the fresh compelling storytelling and unique K-animé style that HwaHwa Studios have envisioned. We are honored to have KOCCA’s endorsement and backing.”


For more information about The Legends of MeoShín’Ké, visit KOCCA at booth #J912 and HWAHWA CO., LTD at booth #K239 at The Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, June 13-15.