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Intersell Debuts at 2023 ASTRA

ASTRA Intersell

Intersell, the New Jersey-based brand behind the wildly successful KickerBall showcased at ASTRA in booth #951 in Columbus OH, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. 


Released in 2018 KickerBall has helped soccer fans and athletes master their skill with its unique and revolutionary design and aerodynamic materials. The special panels channel air in ways a standard soccer ball can’t, allowing the KickerBall to swerve, bend and curve with ease. With an impressive celebrity fan base including some of the world’s greatest soccer players, Kickerball has sold over 2 million units globally, amassed over 1 billion views on YouTube and nearly 100 million on TikTok. 


In addition to Kickerball, Intersell will be previewing Lil Wish Lanterns. A line of unique collectibles created to inspire children’s imaginations with magical characters and light-up lanterns. Lil Wish Lanterns features 32 Wishimal characters to collect, 4 Wishing Lanterns and 6 Wishing LightsOnce the Wishimal is inserted into the wishing lantern, make a wish and pull the string to illuminate the lantern and begin the journey to Wishlandia. Lil Wish Lanterns have been recognized in top tier press including Country Living, and Yahoo Lifestyle, as it provides children with the inspiration to dream their biggest dreams, practice positive thinking and achieve their goals.


“On the heels of the Kickerball success, we’re looking forward to creating the next viral sensation.” says Anand Dhirmalani, Intersell President and CEO. “We believe in the power of wishes and we believe the Lil Wish Lanterns collectible line taps into optimism, hope and empathy. With our innovative ideas and unique storytelling approach, we understand how to create demand and offer our consumers an entertaining and meaningful experience with our products.” 


Intersell has been focused on creating engaging products and telling meaningful stories since inception in 2014. Known for the success of Kickerball and innovation within the toy category, Intersell will be previewing at Astra in booth #951 to give retailers a closer look at what the brand has in store.


Intersell was founded in 2007 and is based right outside of New York City. Intersell works with inventors from around the world to develop, market and distribute inventions and brands to more than 80 countries through DTC marketing and brick and mortar Retail.