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The Loyal Subjects and Wildbrain Partner on a New Line of Strawberry Shortcake Toys

Wildbrain Loyal Subjects Strawberry Shortcake

The Loyal Subjects Toy (TLS Toy), a prominent collectibles/toy brand well-known the world round for high quality-best in class products, extraordinary detail, and diehard fans is delighted to announce a new licensing partnership with Wildbrain, featuring one of pop culture’s most loveable, adorable, irresistibly scented, wholesome, and fantastically delectable brands, Strawberry Shortcake!


Per Strawberry Shortcake’s mission statement; “It all started with postcards…”, and from these postcards which introduced the world to one of Pop Culture’s most iconic mascots, and a world born from a collection of berry patches, fragrances, and dynamic, loveable characters – becoming a MEGA Brand with over $4B in Global Sales, millions of dolls sold, an enduring sweet entourage capturing the imagination of new audiences and super fans since Day 1, 45 years ago! Strawberry Shortcake is more relevant now than ever; with its undeniable message of inclusiveness, kindness, and irresistible sweetness, and true to form with unstoppable metaphors promoting growth, community, and togetherness – a much needed sweet-smelling, breath of fresh air for the millions of kids, moms, and young-at-hearts looking to add a wonderful, sunshining experience into their lives of play and imagination!


“I’ve been seeing Strawberry Shortcake t-shirts everywhere for the last year. I was in Marigny, New Orleans, the 20-something year old barista was wearing a Strawberry Shortcake crop top. I saw a picture of a friend on Instagram in Strawberry Shortcake themed workout clothes at the gym, a 20 something year old server at an LA hotspot started talking about her love for Strawberry Shortcake (the dolls), my 6 year old niece is asking if I make Strawberry Shortcake dolls – everywhere I go, people are either representing this brand or asking about it! The timing is perfect, not just because nostalgia is so hot, the brand is super-relevant in today’s world where folks are wanting something wholesome, inclusive, “feel-good” with an undeniable message of kindness. Strawberry Shortcake is this Brand!” Says Jonathan Cathey, CEO/Founder of The Loyal Subjects.


The Loyal Subjects has developed an exciting line of Strawberry Shortcake fashion dolls, plush dolls, playsets, collectibles, and MORE! And YES…the dolls are scented! No chance TLS would leave out one of the most iconic attributes from this amazing Brand – as the kids say, “All the scents!” – Strawberry, Blueberry, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Cherry…oh my! Also, with some updated features; including fashion play, hair play, a fashion doll with 29 pts of articulation (crazy poseable!), and five surprise accessories with every fashion doll (including wear-along charm bracelets, stampers, and collectible enamel pins), The classic TLS Strawberry Shortcake fashion dolls is a must-have for every doll collector, lover, aficionado, appreciator, and enthusiast!


Appearing at select retailers, and Amazon with a curated selection of products right before the 2023 Holiday shopping season, with more broad rollouts at your favorite retailers Spring 2024!


The new Strawberry Shortcake collection will feature various products such as:


5.5” Strawberry Shortcake Articulated Fashion Doll – 6 pieces + 5 Surprise accessories! With 29 points of articulation, FIVE Surprise accessories, scented hair, hair play, fashion play, interchangeable fashions, this doll is a steal, and a must-have! Starting with Strawberry Shortcake (the character), and waving in additional characters throughout 2024 – Blueberry Muffin, Lemon Meringue, Raspberry Tart, Orange Blossom, and MORE!

14” Strawberry Shortcake Ragdoll – Two version of the ragdoll will be available, one completely exclusive to a well-known specialty retailer (announcement coming soon). One ragdoll (the exclusive) will feature braided and looped scented hair, all the classic Strawberry Shortcake fashion and stylings, and packaged in a collectors’ gift box. The “available-everywhere” version features detailed embroidered features, a cute button nose, shiny/glittery fabrics, and the same scented hair features as the exclusive version. Also, packaged in a gift-style window box.

Strawberry Shortcake Berry Bakeshoppe Playset – 32-piece set! A delicious take on a classic favorite! The Berry Baskeshoppe includes compounds to make delicious pies, pastries, and other magnificent berry creations, an exclusive Strawberry Shortcake 5.5” hyper-poseable fashion doll with scented hair and exclusive fashions, an oven playset with three accessible oven doors, each one hiding a SURPRISE inside, two honey-pots, one to store your used compounds/ingredients with so you can bake again later!

Carry and Go Strawberry Playset – 11 pieces! A magnificent Strawberry shaped abode and carrying case playset which opens up to reveal a magical home! Including a strawberry patch (which grows!), upstairs bedroom, a downstairs kitchen, an exclusive figurine, an exclusive kitty-cat, a kitty-cat bed, windows which open and close, doors which open and close, and other amazing features!

3” Strawberry Shortcake Collectible Figures – Cute as a button! Includes an impressive character range, chase figures, collector cards, and all packaged in a collector box! Strawberry Shortcake, Huckleberry Pie, Lemon Meringue, Raspberry Tart, Apple Dumplin’, Orange Blossom, and more! All scented!

Micros – Cute doesn’t even begin to describe the Micros! 1.5” collectible, stylized figurines with over 30 characters to collect, including rare chase items! Packaged in multi-packs (2, 6, and 8 packs)! Once you start you can’t stop!