WS Game Company Creates Custom-Illustrated Monopoly Game for Hasbro 100th Anniversary

Monopoly 100th Hasbro

WS Game Company, one of the few premium board game manufacturers with an authorized Hasbro license, has announced the debut of a limited-edition Monopoly game in honor of Hasbro’s 100th Anniversary. The new game board, developed in partnership between the two companies, features a fully custom illustrated game board showcasing 90 notable brands that have contributed to Hasbro’s great legacy.


“Thank you to our partners at Hasbro for entrusting us with the creative development and manufacturing of significant milestone games,” said Kerry Addis, Vice President of Product Development, WS Game Company. “Hasbro has seamlessly enthralled generation after generation with its fun-loving characters, games and brands. This limited-edition Monopoly celebrates their centennial and beautifully captures just a handful of their most impactful brands over the years.”

Encapsulated in an embossed unique collectible tin box, the board, components and packaging highlight Hasbro’s most acclaimed brands, including Transformers, Peppa Pig, Magic: The Gathering, My Little Pony, NERF and Cranium, which are all also celebrating anniversaries in the next year. The game’s premium features include:

●      Custom tokens, houses and hotels that feature Hasbro’s most iconic characters and brands such as Potato Head, Play-Doh, TONKA and more.

●      Custom game board and components featuring 90 Hasbro brands.

●      Collectible tin packaging with integrated storage to provide a premium game experience, as well as a checklist for players to identify all the included brands.

“As we celebrate 100 years, Hasbro remains guided by our Purpose to create joy and community for all people around the world, one game, one toy, one story at a time. Monopoly has long reigned as the world’s most popular board game, so it just felt fitting for us to collaborate with WS Game Company on a truly special edition highlighting our iconic portfolio of brands and characters,” said Adam Biehl, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Hasbro Gaming. “The Monopoly: Hasbro 100th Anniversary Edition is truly a love letter to our fans. There are easter eggs that we’ve sprinkled in throughout the game for eagle-eyed fans to find – see if you can count all 90 brands on the board!”

Founded in 1923 by the Hassenfeld brothers, Hasbro has been creating memories for generations of children and their families through the wonder of storytelling and imaginative play for 100 years. From Mr. Potato Head and My Little Pony to Monopoly and Play-Doh, Hasbro and its iconic brands bring joy to countless fans, families, and children around the world.

Monopoly: Hasbro 100th Anniversary Edition, MSRP $49, will debut at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo, June 13 -15 at Booth G170. To pre-order the limited-edition anniversary game, please visit WS Game Company or Hasbro Pulse.