Fireside Games Launches Their All-new Game ‘Here, Kitty, Kitty!’

Here, Kitty, Kitty

When have you ever heard of the player who owns the most cats (in real life) goes first? In every round of Here, Kitty, Kitty, felines rule in this competitive card game! A little cat-titude goes a long way as three to six players interact with a cat burglar, a can opener, catnip, cat fights and the occasional stray dog. There are no fraidy cats here as Zoomers and Boomers claw their way to the winner’s circle!


“This was a perfect game to play with Grandma and the kids while waiting for dinner to be ready,” wrote one Amazon buyer. “It’s a relatively short game with easy set-up, and the simple, silly game play kept everything light and fluffy.”


“This is really a cute and well-done game,” chimed in another online shopper. “The cards have fun pictures, the game is smooth and easy, there are nice elements of surprise, and there is a good balance of randomness to strategy. Because it is so colorful and fun, this feels like a great game for the family.”


Card holders are challenged, in about 30 minutes of play, to move as many kitties into their house as possible. Players earn points for cats on the porch and in the house as well as for cat color combinations. Each whimsically illustrated card has the kids and grownups performing two actions per turn. An action might be to play one of the three cards already in hand. These cards can either help one move felines and gain points or remove kitties from the neighbors. A little luck and a little strategy will have the neighborhood’s cats pouncing towards you.


With endless paws-abilities, the enclosed instruction booklet offers a few tips. One action might be to move one fluffy kitty one space. A space is from one area to the next area, such as from the neighborhood to the yard or the yard to the porch. But look out for red-ringed Instant cards, which are played immediately and affect everyone. After resolving the Instant cards, keep drawing until you end your turn with three cards in your hand.


Although grownups may think they are wiser, many times it’s the youngsters that land on their feet to be crowned one cool cat.


Here, Kitty, Kitty • Ages 10+  In the crazy cat-collecting game, your neighborhood has a cat problem. The problem is that the cats don’t all belong to YOU! Everyone in the neighborhood wants to claim those adorable kitties for themselves. Outwit your fellow feline fiends as you lure cats onto your property, move cats into your house, and steal cats from your neighbors. All’s fair in love and cat-collecting! There are no blenders or explosions in this game, but if you use your catlike reflexes and avoid stray dogs and hairballs, you might just land on your feet! For 3-6 players.


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