Fingerlings Spread Positivity with “Go Bananas for Friendship” Campaign

Fingerlings Go Bananas

Fingerlings encouraged the world to Go Bananas for Friendship on August 11th to celebrate “Fingerlings Friday” with the help of YouTube megastars, Jordan and Salish Matter, along with 150 additional content creators. Staying true to their message of Friendship @ Your Fingertips, the campaign celebrates the new heart-to-heart connection feature, a fresh twist on the bestselling play pattern that saw Fingerlings win the 2018 Toy of the Year (TOTY) Award.

Jordan and Salish Matter anchor the Fingerlings Go Bananas for Friendship campaign with a hilarious and heartwarming transformation challenge. Additional creators will join in to spread friendship and inspire good deeds. “We’re taking the core values that have always been a part of this brand, and bringing them to life by showing fans how all these small but meaningful good deeds add up to something huge,” said Andrew Yanofsky, Head of Marketing and Operations for WowWee.


Named one of the hottest toys of the summer by The Toy Association and Clamour, and a crowd favorite at last month’s Toy Insider Sweet Suite event, Fingerlings are packed with exciting new features including fuzzy fur on their heads, posable tails, and a heart that glows when you place them on your finger!


An early launch in the UK is proving that this message of positivity is resonating with consumers. “Fingerlings are already on pace to more than double the sales we had predicted,” says Mark Hunt, UK Marketing Director of Character Group. “We are extremely pleased with the results so far.”


“Fingerlings are designed with friendship and positivity at their core. Their heart-to-heart connection makes them the perfect sidekick and companion!” said Sydney Wiseman, Vice President of Brand Development and Creative Strategy at WowWee, and creator of Fingerlings.


Fingerlings are available now at all major retailers for $14.99 MSRP. Stay tuned for new characters and Fingerlings toys to collect this fall – including Lulu the Unicorn!